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Pauline Lindwall

Pauline's international professional experience in change management and business start-ups has proved hugely helpful to GreenLamp. She encourages us to aim for best practice across all our activities.

Lennart Blecher

Lennart is Deputy Managing Partner of EQT and Head of EQT Real Assets. His keen strategic mind is invaluable in helping us shape both our structure and strategic approach. 

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Denise Eigenmann

Midwifery Advisor
As a practising midwife, and a senior lecturer and skills trainer at The University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW), Denise enjoys exchanging knowledge with the Hamlin College of Midwives (HCM). She is inspired by Ethiopia's hardworking midwives and mothers, and was key to establishing our collaboration with ZHAW and HCM promoting upright birthing positions.

Vera Maria Probst

Midwifery Advisor

Vera Maria initially collaborated with Greenlamp by giving workshops to midwives and students on the benefits of upright birthing positions at the Hamlin College of Midwives. As a passionate midwife she offers her professional experience, skills and perspective to the GreenLamp team. Impressed by GreenLamp's commitment, she is excited to become more involved with our work.

Lucas Pfister

IT Advisor

Lucas is a Salesforce developer who is always looking for ways to give back to the community and find simple solutions to complex problems. His Salesforce skills are being put to good use helping GreenLamp with streamlining our technology set-up.

Inger Wulf

 Physical Therapist and Basic Body Awareness Therapy Specialist

Inger loves to contribute to the energy and joy she finds in our work. She uses her skills as a Physiotherapy teacher to provide workshops in Pelvic Floor Exercises for midwifery students at the Hamlin College of Midwives. She is a loyal GreenLamp Member, supporter and advocate for our messages.  

Karin Ranstrand

GreenLamp Co-founder and Project Advisor

With extensive project management and relationship building skills, Karin is a key GreenLamp advisor. As one of our founding board members she provides invaluable knowledge and know-how to help with our project work.

Lizanne Atherly

Fundraising and Events Advisor

Lizanne finds daily inspiration in helping ventures that have a disruptive and positive impact on the world to tell their story and achieve long-term growth. She brings this enthusiasm to GreenLamp by helping to define fundraising goals and planning engaging events to help achieve these goals.

Mari Russi

GreenLamp Ambassador

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