Connecting, supporting and building skills at the Hamlin Midwives Alumni Network Summit

We believe it’s important to support and empower midwives not only as students but long term throughout their careers, building relationships with them as individuals and helping them maintain the support network they have from each other. The Hamlin Midwives Alumni Network (HMAN) is a key way for us to do this.

In July this year the second annual summit for the HMAN was held in Addis Ababa, bringing together over 80 Hamlin-graduated rural midwives from the five regions where Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia has hospitals, for two days of networking and workshops.

The midwives refreshed and extended their skills in midwifery, developed mentoring and leadership skills, and had an opportunity to share their skills and experience with each other. Following requests from the midwives and Hamlin, we also ran a mini one-day summit in mid-June for this year’s 25 final-year students who were just graduating.

CEO Tesfaye Mamo opened the summit by recognizing the value of the HMAN, established in partnership between Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia and GreenLamp. The opening was followed by Dr Fekade, Medical Director, Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia, who gave a powerful, fact-filled talk about obstetric fistula and the holistic, vital, role the midwife can play in prevention, treatment, and the reintegration of survivors of obstetric fistula. He reinforced that excellent clinical skills and intervention are key in influencing outcomes.

During the summit participants were asked to reflect on one thing they would do differently when they return to their practice. There were many animated discussions, including around the theme of the evolution of the role and future opportunities for Hamlin midwives.

We are very grateful to the hard-working volunteers who made the 2019 Hamlin Midwives Alumni Network Summit possible and a huge success.

If you would like more background on the HMAN and it’s purpose please read our earlier story.