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"Goodness is the only investment that never fails" 
Henry David Thoreau, Writer & Philosopher

Corporate Social Responsibility is one of the most powerful business tools of the 21st century, driving measurable benefits in employee satisfaction and customer retention. It's also the perfect stimulus for innovation, encouraging us to consider the world through the eyes of others and to aspire to solutions that extend well beyond sales targets and marketing plans.

We've collaborated with a range of businesses since 2012, the majority of whom are now our long-term partners. We are equally grateful for the considerable support we receive from non-profit foundations and organizations, who help power GreenLamp with donations and expertise.

If you feel your company or organization could benefit from a relationship with GreenLamp, then let us help. We offer free, tailored presentations for your board or team to show just how effective your support can be, no matter how large or small your commitment. For a personal consultation or just an informal chat, please contact our Vice President Linda Elzvik.