Film Screening 'Among Us Women', June 2023

Zurich’s Arthouse Piccadilly was buzzing as GreenLamp members, guests, donors, and sponsors, gathered in the tiny entrance of the movie theatre. With their homemade sandwich and drink in hand, they took their seats for the screening of the fascinating documentary, About Us Women. 

The film was a real eye-opener for many and the story and situation of the main protagonist, Hulu, lead to a very animated panel discussion. It was marvellously orchestrated by moderator Kathrin Werner with the participation of Emily Hopf of the movie team and Tigist Bekele, a lecturer at the Hamlin College of Midwives who was in Winterthur by invitation from the ZHAW Midwifery School. Through their interesting stories and insights, Emily and Tigist were able to shed light on many aspects of the making of the movie as well as the role of the midwife in rural Ethiopia.

Again thank you very much for all the big efforts and love you put in, to make special events like the one today happening. It it is much appreciated. The movie impressed and moved us all. Not easy to digest. It was interesting and beneficial to be able to hear a little more about it through Tigist and Emily.

– Gabriela Bender

Thank you all who came to the LunchKino! Stay tuned for more events coming up and we look forward to seeing you again soon!

Your GreenLamp Events Team


Thursday, 8 June

Arthouse Piccadilly


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