Interactive Leadership & Change Management workshop

This year GreenLamp was invited to run a stand-alone workshop with 30 of Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia’s (HFE) extended leadership team, engaging interactively and enhancing their leadership and change management skills. Christina was joined by Catherine Knight, one of GreenLamp’s Projects and Fundraising team, and together they worked with the HFE leadership team for 2.5 days.

During the workshop, the team revisited Catherine Hamlin’s legacy and verified HFE’s organisational identity and purpose. The participants confirmed their passion and commitment to these, their intention to use them to guide their strategic priorities, and to become change agents for the organisation.

The interactive session was enthusiastically received with participants enjoying exploring new ways of communicating. As ever, the visits were enlightening for the GreenLamp team, and the learning was very much a two-way experience.