Join our friends at Giving Women …

Join our friends at Giving Women to be part of a discussion on a very important topic – either in-person in Geneva on 6 October or ONLINE GLOBALLY! This from Giving Women:
The pandemic shined a light on mental health issues and the detrimental impact they can have if not properly addressed. Outside of the first world, these negative impacts are even greater. Girls and women living in vulnerable communities, conflict situations or refugee camps are also having to face domestic violence and economic insecurity, leaving them depressed, isolated and alone, on top of everything else they are going through. What can we do to help?
On October 6th, at Giving Women’s 10th Annual Conference, we will discuss this critical topic, and working collaboratively, arrive at a series of actionable steps we can all take to make a difference. Click here to register in person or online and lend a hand and a voice to those who need it.