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Greenlamp's Solar Suitcase initiative provides sustainable, clean power, improving safety and protecting patient dignity in rural delivery wards.


Developed by Dr Laura Stachel's organization, We Care Solar, the devices provide power for medical and surgical lighting, cell phones and a fetal doppler. Their simple presence greatly encourages women to come to the health centers, resulting in a 67% increase in safe deliveries, a 40% increase in the the 4 prenatal visits as recommended by the World Health Organisation, 26% more families bring their newborn in for a postnatal check-up and almost 80% more women come for family planning and reproductive health advice.


Working closely with the Hamlin College of Midwives, We Care Solar and the UBS Optimus Foundation, GreenLamp has funded over 220 Solar Suitcases in Ethiopia, reaching over 1 million women of reproductive age. 


See the Solar Suitcases in action below.


















For further Information please see our concept paper below.

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