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Better Communication keeps our Solar Suitcases in action

June 11, 2017

On a recent field visit to Ethiopia we discovered that some Solar Suitcases were not working correctly, and no-one had reported the devices as faulty. GreenLamp’s project team leaders Kathleen Hedman and Joanna Boyd quickly realized that help was needed to communicate the challenges, repair the units and avoid the same situation recurring in the future. Working closely with local partners, we have devised a wide range of procedures to ensure that the Solar Suitcases can go on working hard. Read Kathleen's full report on our Blog

New Exchange Program Connects Zurich and Addis Ababa

May 14, 2017

In March this year, ZHAW  (Zurich Midwifery College) teacher Denise Eigenmann (MSc) travelled to Ethiopia and spent three months teaching at the Hamlin College of Midwives as part of GreenLamp’s new exchange program. One of the key topics for study was upright birthing positions, a practice that is not widely used in Ethiopia but that has proven benefits to both mothers and babies. Denise also made visits to rural health centers throughout the area, sharing her insights with students and enjoying some very positive experiences herself. Read the whole story of Denise’s visit on our Blog.

Giving Young Women the Tools to Become Leaders

April 06, 2017

As part of our holistic approach to empowering young women, we organize Interpersonal Skills and Leadership workshops in Nonviolent Communication. The second GreenLamp-initiated workshop took place in Ethiopia in February 2017, and was very enthusiastically received by the final year students at the Hamlin College of Midwives. GreenLamp president Christina Blecher leads the courses, which focus on understanding and connecting to the needs of patients, midwives and their co-workers. Read Christina’s personal account of the workshop on our Blog, or learn more about the courses here.

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