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At GreenLamp we are passionate about the power of individuals to make a difference, and the most effective way to do this is to make a donation. All our projects are targeted to drive tangible benefits where they are most needed. This means that your donation to GreenLamp could support a midwife in training, buy and install a Solar Suitcase or benefit an entire community through improved access to health services. 


Whichever you decide, supporting us is simple: just click on the 'donate' button to make a life-changing difference, or download our bank details here. We provide a tax confirmation for donations over CHF 100 which are eligible for a Swiss tax deduction.

Many companies also support GreenLamp. Read more about the rewards of Corporate Social Responsibility here, or contact our Vice President Linda Elzvik for a personal consultation on how we can work with your business.

"We can save lives, two lives at a time." Beleynesh, GreenLamp midwife at Hamlin College

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