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Marvellous Midwife Mentors

Midwife Mentors are well-trained and experienced, and bring skills training, knowledge and expertise to younger, less-experienced midwives deployed to the rural health centers of Ethiopia. Each midwife mentor is active in one of the five regions with a Hamlin Fistula Hospital.

One of the highlights of Linda Elzvik’s recent trip to Ethiopia was to accompany two such Midwife Mentors on their journey to remote East Harar. Here she tells us more:

“Sister Mebkyou (above right) accompanied us to Kurfachele to participate in the first Solar Suitcase battery replacement while Sister Hirut (above left) set out to demonstrate the use of the latest portable ultrasound machine to one of the local midwives in Dawe.

That evening, we gathered around a table to eat traditional Ethiopian “fasting” fare (it was Lent). We spoke about the work that GreenLamp has done to strengthen midwife training through scholarships, Interpersonal Skills and Leadership Workshops in Nonviolent Communication, Basic Body Awareness Training, as well as the provision of learning tools, such as birthing dolls, the Solar Suitcase and venthouse extractors.

Conversation was lively. The midwife mentors warmly thanked GreenLamp for the support of Ethiopian women. They expressed a wish for further equipment, more instrumental delivery tools as well as blood pressure cuffs. GreenLamp is currently looking into the supply of these aids which, when combined with the holistic care and family planning, helps ensure that each midwife provides dignified and empathic care to each and every woman she meets in the farthest corners of Ethiopia.”

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