Supporting safe births benefits families and their communities

We would like birth to be a safe, joyful experience for every mother, their extended family and community. GreenLamp team member Linda Elzvik was privildeged to witness such a birth during her recent trip to Ethiopia, thanks to the skilled Hamlin trained midwife on hand to support the mother and provide peace of mind to the family.

Linda reports: “A baby boy, Menberu, was born while we visited the Amarit health center. He was delivered by Hamlin midwife Mahelet. The whole family was there to greet the 3.6 kg baby – including the grandparents and neighbors. As the final push was taking place, all family began to pray. The labor lasted 6 hours and the baby was the mother’s second son.

Some of the family are shown below, the father, a Christian Orthodox priest, is in the “turban”.