Success despite cancellation!

Every voice was heard, despite the cancellation of the

March 26th Gala Fundraising Dinner at the Widder – featuring the Hebbe Sisters.


Each of our sponsors said we could keep the funds promised,

while almost every dinner ticket sold was also donated!

As a result, we generated nearly CHF 37,400 for our projects!

The Hebbe Sisters & Duo Sentire were booked and ready to fly - to sing and

make music for us - when the sanitary situation became dire.

A special thank-you to Enrico Bender for bringing us the Hebbe’s silky voices nevertheless - by generously donating the “Jazz it up and Move” CD

which each ticket holder and sponsor received as a thank you!

And what is an event without a dedicated, creative, team of volunteers? Very quiet.


A special shout out to singer & presenter Susan Orus, photographers Veronica Blecher & Franca Quaglia, and midwives Vera Maria Probst & Satchmo Bender, who were organizing a fabulous photo exhibition and sale at the Widder.


To Angela David and Emma Lefevre who helped us with staging the event and preparing to perform beautiful slam poetry during the evening.


What lies ahead? We are delighted to be working on an Online Auction Event “

to take place this spring … watch your email and our website for updates and info.

The GreenLamp “Voices for Women” pro bono team

Valeria Akroyd, Lizanne Atherly, Henriette Becker, Verena Bergmann, Christina Blecher, Joanna Boyd, Angela David, Linda Elzvik, Kathleen Hedman, Catherine Knight, Susan Orus, Franca Quaglia, Anette Schreyer, The Hebbe Sisters, Camilla Tregonning and Carolina Vidal

the Hebbe Sisters.png

Be dazzled by the charming sisters with swing, jazz ballads and rhythm and blues. Emelie, Josefine and Maria Hebbe will fill your heart with unbelievable vocal musicality, joyful energy, close harmonies, up-tempo beats and slow romantic melodies. 

With Duo Sentire | Piano: Ulrika Hebbe | Cello: Lars-Inge Bjärlestam |

Thank you!

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For the amazing prizes from Velocity, Tao’s, Aura & Yuma Restaurants,

The Widder Hotel, Yogatopia, Moreira, Farfalla, Luxe4Education,

PSIM (Performance and Sports in Mind), Flanell, Regalò, Oscar Eberli and more…